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Patient Safety - A Holistic Approach

International Conference

Cracow, Poland, November 26th-27th 2014

Conference issues

The widest approach to patient safety problems with consideration of medical and non-medical factors that could lead to adverse events in health care institutions and in the patient’s home.
Traditional and innovative grasp of medical error, adverse events, responsibility, guilt and penalty.
To take into consideration the advisability of changes in medical law appropriate for medicine development and the changing causes of adverse events in order to identify necessary intervention, including beyond the health care system.
The problem of establishing of User-Centered-Design rules for medicine.
The problem of medical teamwork and cooperation (vertical and horizontal) between various medical professionals.
Main topics
-          medical adverse events and their causes
-          teamwork in health care
-          patient’s safety in surgery and intensive care
-          doctors and nursing staff, work time
-          non-medical factors affecting quality of patient’s safety and care
-          cultural factors in relation to medical errors and adverse events
-          User Centered Design and ergonomics in designing of equipment and health care              working conditions

-          the safety of pharmacotherapy
-          the need for a novel approach to medical error and the problem of guilt of medical personnel
-          medical packaging, form of drugs and materials
-          the problem of message (verbal, visual, written etc.) transmission in the health care system
-     patient’s and procedure part identification

Invited speakers
Scientific Committee
Organizing Committee
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